Life Lately

Since getting back from San Francisco, life has been super busy around here. Isn’t that always how it goes around the holidays though? The weather for the last couple of months has been kind of gross off and on, and it’s been hard to get into a real rhythm riding wise, plus Continue reading

If it’s Not One Thing

It’s always another. With horses at least. There hasn’t been much of anything too exciting going on around here riding wise, because for almost the whole month of June I was gone on the weekends. This meant val was only getting out about 3 times a week, and it’s been so hot that finding the motivation to really work hard during those rides is tough. Continue reading

Little by little

By my estimation, it’s been just over three months since we had our dressage lesson. The dressage lesson where I envisioned working on our less-than-polished lateral movements and learning all the fancy prancy tricks. And instead of practicing for our Grand Prix debut can you guess what we did Dressage/Eventing friends? That’s right. Continue reading

Letting Go

The past few rides, my theme has been letting go. Not because I tend to hang on my horse’s mouth, but because his mouth is so soft that every time I touch it his whole body backs off. It’s pretty hard to get good work in when I can’t get my horse to really step into the contact. So I’ve been working on remembering to reward big forward Continue reading

Getting My Sea Legs Back

This week has really been all about getting our (mostly my) sea legs back after basically 2-3 weeks with minimal riding. Especially after the clinic, we had so much rain that it was hard to get in any riding, and it’s amazing how much muscle and strength you can lose in just two weeks when you don’t substitute in some other form of exercise. Continue reading