Letting Go

The past few rides, my theme has been letting go. Not because I tend to hang on my horse’s mouth, but because his mouth is so soft that every time I touch it his whole body backs off. It’s pretty hard to get good work in when I can’t get my horse to really step into the contact. So I’ve been working on remembering to reward big forward Continue reading


After a month with no lessons, I’ve had a weekend lesson two weeks in a row, and I have another lesson tonight! I do like schooling on my own, but a little consistency with lessons is good. I also got my new tall boots in last week, and after wearing them around the apartment for two days, they went to the barn so I could hack in them and start getting them to break in more. Continue reading

Sometimes Things Just Work

This would not be the first time you’ve heard me say that my horse jumped great after a lot of good flatting. But more than ever since moving up, things really just worked in our jump school Sunday. We of course had a whole week of asking him to use his top-line more and come from behind, which sure helped. Continue reading

Looking Ahead

Last night I had my first actual hack since the show. A week ago we did a really easy walk/trot bareback ride where I worked on a lot of lateral stuff (I think we did a little bit of half-pass, but with no one on the ground and my never having done it, I’m not positive), but in genera I kept it simple and fun. Last night though, I worked a lot on transitions within the trot because he started out dull to my leg, Continue reading

Sunny and 75

Ok, so it wasn’t 75 this weekend, but it was sunny and gorgeous all weekend, and I took full advantage of that by spending as much time at the barn with Val as possible. Somebody wanted to watch the Broncos beat the Pats on Sunday, so no lesson footage, but I do have some pretty cool pictures from our awesome flat ride on Saturday. Continue reading