Photography Friday: Bluebonnets

Every spring in Texas, Bluebonnets pop up in fields and medians across the state, and it seems as if everyone takes cute photos of their families and children in the bright blue flowers. If you’re lucky, there are even some Indian Paintbrushes mixed in. Most of the time, these are hastily snapped photos on the side of a highway with a cell phone, but the new field our trainer bought last fall has patches all over it right now. With no actual children to take photos Continue reading

Photography Friday: San Diego

Rather than boring you with all the details of my amazing long weekend in San Diego, I’ll just leave a few of my favorite photos from the weekend. The highlights of my trip were the San Diego zoo (Because duh.), Sunset Cliffs, lighting up a fire pit on Moonlight Beach–potentially after it was closed because we’re rebels/couldn’t find a sign–and getting to meet and hang out with some of the great Navy guys Continue reading