After a month with no lessons, I’ve had a weekend lesson two weeks in a row, and I have another lesson tonight! I do like schooling on my own, but a little consistency with lessons is good. I also got my new tall boots in last week, and after wearing them around the apartment for two days, they went to the barn so I could hack in them and start getting them to break in more. Continue reading

Sometimes Things Just Work

This would not be the first time you’ve heard me say that my horse jumped great after a lot of good flatting. But more than ever since moving up, things really just worked in our jump school Sunday. We of course had a whole week of asking him to use his top-line more and come from behind, which sure helped. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Asking Harder Questions

Friday the Nations cup at WEF was being live streamed, so I made Joseph sit and watch with me while we munched on chips and homemade queso (having a live-in boyfriend who can actually cook is amazing). Joseph said watching  the Nations Cup with me was kind of like me watching football with him, except that I actually know a little bit about football, Continue reading

San Antonio Charity Show: Saturday

Remember all those things I was so worried about in my last post? I shouldn’t have worried about any of those things. My horse was a star this past weekend. We had some bobbles, and we weren’t our most competitive selves, but I’m really happy with the entire weekend as our first show back in the ring. Also, shout out to Niamh: that Starbucks gift card really came in handy this weekend! Continue reading

The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

“[I]t is no good anticipating regrets. Every tomorrow ought not to resemble every yesterday.” –Beryl Markham

Sometimes, you’re given a choice. You could make the safe choice, and continue to wait until the timing is “perfect.” Or you could make another choice. The one that might seem crazy to someone who doesn’t get it. Continue reading