The New Normal

I finally got to ride on Saturday. But in typical Texas fashion, the temps dropped 30 degrees over night, and there was gusting wind all day. I finally made it to the barn around 4 in the afternoon, which was about the warmest point in the day, and the most still. I was fully expecting to be doing damage control for my entire ride, Continue reading

Baby Steps

In case you all haven’t picked up on it, nobody in central Texas has gotten much riding in lately unless they have an indoor. For Val, this used to mean that the first 3 to 4 rides back were awful, and got progressively worse until about ride 4. Really, anything more than 3 days off resulted in this problem. Ride 1 was so-so, ride 2 was a little out of hand, and ride 3 was acting as a human lunge line at best Continue reading

TRM Blog Hop: 25 Questions

First a quick note, I did not do any no-stirrups work over the weekend (I don’t even have a good excuse. I just forgot.), and I haven’t been able to ride since because of all the rain, but I have been keeping up with my workouts. So yay me!

I’ve got a list put together of blog posts I want to put together, but in the mean time this sounded fun, especially since I’m still semi-new to blogland Continue reading

Monday Funnies

My weekend was not super exciting with all of the rain, so there’s not much to report. I did do a family photo session for one of the girls at the barn which was really fun (and came out great!) so I spent Saturday afternoon/night taking and editing photos. But otherwise I was mostly a homebody and didn’t even go grocery shopping because that involved fighting the one million people who go to HEB on Sundays Continue reading

No Stirrup November. Kind of.

Now that we’ve been doing a lot of flat work to build up his hind end, and we’re jumping bigger, Val is jumping the snot out of pretty much everything. I’m a typical ammy right now that gets out a few times a week (I shoot for 5, but it doesn’t always happen) and I’m only riding the one horse right now. It’s been this way for a little while now, but this is new for me. For the longest time I was riding Continue reading