Pin Oak II – Hunters and Equitation

I am, undeniably, a hunter princess at heart. I love my little race car, and we have a lot of fun. But I dream of when my baby horse is finally all grown up and we are doing derbies and the like. So I had a lot of fun watching the hunter ring and reminiscing on my junior days. Back when I was a junior, I had a horse that probably could have done hunters and big eq., Continue reading

When does Form no longer Function?

Growing up, I was always taught to have good form when on a horse. This stemmed from the idea that being balanced, and independent with all of your parts to have good form will lead to being an efficient and functional rider. At its core, Equitation classes are meant to instill this same principle; that is, equitation is not about creating a pretty picture, but if you are doing everything exactly right, the pretty picture will happen. Continue reading