Fortune Favors the Bold

This weekend, specifically Sunday, was just a really really really good time. Saturday wasn’t super exciting because I worked all day, but I did get to go play with my favorite fat hunter at the barn while his mommy was out of town. I wasn’t planning to go to the barn originally, so Val got Continue reading

Couples Therapy

After what was, truthfully, a rough few interactions that left me feeling not so in love with my horse–including almost getting kicked/kneed/squished when trying to clip Val’s legs– we were due for some easy, happy stuff. That first came in the form of an easy hack out Continue reading

Feeling Inspired

As I’m sure most of you already knew, the George Morris Horsemastership clinic took place last week, and USEF was awesome enough to put the full length videos of each session on their website for free, regardless of whether you’re a member.**Sorry y’all, that literally JUST changed.** (You can find those here.) If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching them when you get the chance by the way. Continue reading

Life Lately

Since getting back from San Francisco, life has been super busy around here. Isn’t that always how it goes around the holidays though? The weather for the last couple of months has been kind of gross off and on, and it’s been hard to get into a real rhythm riding wise, plus Continue reading

Ride the Motor

Blogging is funny. Often what I think is the point of the post is not what gets discussed, and the post takes on a life of its own. Yesterday’s post was no exception, so I’m rolling with it! I mentioned that I’m working through in my head what exactly Continue reading