Because it’s Fun

In my last post, I touched on this just a little. But I’d like to dive a little deeper. I am a very goal oriented person (shocking, I know) and I tend to get super focused on the training aspect of riding. That may be partly due to the fact that in the past, I’ve almost exclusively ridden as a “trainer.” Not as a pro per se, but I’ve always ridden sale horses or horses that needed some issue fixed, and I’ve rarely had a horse that was mine to do whatever I wanted with. Continue reading

When They’re Just Not Feeling It

Finally, finally, we can ride again now that the rain has stopped, and I’ve ridden a few times this week, just flatting and getting back into a program. Last night when I pulled Val out of his pasture, my usually exuberantly friendly and happy horse was just kind of…dull and even a little cranky. Even though I sometimes get a little sass from him, this was a bit different. Continue reading