October Ragan Clinic Takeaways

I apologize in advance for any weird grammar or typos. It’s currently 5 am and I’m typing this while I wait to board my plane to Virginia, after having already been up for two hours. I meant to prep this yesterday, but, procrastination is way more fun. I really wanted to ride in this clinic, but I’d already spent my show/clinic budget for the year, and Val ended up hurt for some reason or another the week of so it worked out. plus I had to work on the Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Clinic: Wisdom Nuggets

All weekend at the clinic, I sat in the arena to get the most out of the clinic, and make myself as useful as possible setting jumps and taking photos for the clinic. I did my best to take notes when Ragan said something particularly interesting, and made mental notes whenever I was riding. On the second day, I actually picked up a catch ride on a lovely green horse for the last session, so I didn’t get to take as many notes as I wanted for the greenie session on day 2, but I was way more excited about the catch ride! Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Spring Clinic, Day 2

I woke up Sunday morning not sure what day it was, or why my alarm was going of at 6 am. When I finally figured all of that out, I climbed out of bed feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, so that was gobs of fun. After a little coffee I was feeling slightly more human, and I made my way to the host farm to hand walk my horse and work out any stiffness he might have had. Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Spring Clinic, Day 1

At the fall clinic, we entered the 3′-3’3 section, because we were still at kind of an in between stage, and we weren’t quite comfortable at 3’6 or jumping that height on a regular basis. Val was great, we had fun, and we learned a lot.
I also mentioned to Ragan that we were in the process of moving up and asked for some tips, which he happily provided. Continue reading