Sale + Low Euro…

So I occasionally get emails from My Selleria about sales and what not. Surprisingly, these come every few weeks at most, which is nice. But. I decided to take a peek and was Blown Away by the prices. The Euro is almost equal to the dollar right now, and once you take out VAT cost, the prices are unbeatable on a lot of high-end items. Continue reading

A Facebook Page and a Sale

Today is just a couple of quick updates:

Since I felt bad always sharing my posts on my personal Facebook Page and forcing my non-horsey friends (Yes. I do have a few of those.) to see them all the time, I made an official Facebook Page for The Graduated Equestrian. Continue reading

Mind Your Melon

Happy International Helmet Awareness Day! Just dropping a quick note to remind y’all to mind your melon and take advantage of the great sales going on. I just replaced my now dead helmet for under $200 at Riding Warehouse (code had20) and it wasn’t that much more than if I had the company replace it with their discount, but I’m also getting it in 2 business days. Amanda you’re right. Riding warehouse is my new favorite. image



You should replace every five years or after any sort of impact on the helmet, but in case you’re not sure whether you need to replace here’s what Dover has to say:

Replace your helmet after a fall in which it touches the ground, even if it appears undamaged. Helmets are constructed so that the energy of an impact may be absorbed through partial destruction of the helmet. You may not be able to see interior damage that occurred through trauma. Many helmet manufacturers have crash helmet replacement policies that offer you a reduction in cost for a new helmet depending on the age of yours at the time of the incident. Refer to the warranty information that accompanies your particular helmet to determine whether a crash replacement policy exists.

At a minimum, you should also replace your helmet when it turns five years old. Over time, aging helmet materials may not degrade from body heat and use, and therefore may not provide the same level of protection as a new helmet would, even with proper helmet care. Additionally, helmet manufacturers are always researching technological improvements that may increase the protective qualities of their helmets- you don’t want to miss out on these advances.

Happy helmet shopping!