Lone Star Fall Fest, 2016: Schooling and Day 1

Well waking up today (Monday) was rough, and the horse show hangover is real. I feel like I’ll never be able to consume enough caffeine, and all of my muscles are sore. Even my hands hurt from all of the photos I took. But it was still a really great weekend, and well worth the exhaustion! Continue reading

San Antonio Charity Show: Sunday

On Sunday I woke up feeling a little bit like I’d been hit by a truck, just from standing, walking, photographing, and riding all day Saturday. With a little Starbucks I was feeling much better, and after watching a couple of friends in the hunters, I went to take my pony for a walk. I opted not to lunge unless he was feeling really fresh simply because I didn’t want to run out of horse again. Fortunately, he was completely fine. Continue reading