Review: Spooks Show Jacket

I know you guys have asked for a review of my Spooks jacket  a few times, and finally I’m getting around to it (thanks to moving this past weekend and having zero content about my horse as a result). This was another item, much like the Cavalleria Toscana jacket I reviewed a while ago, that was an Amanda fueled impulse buy. I don’t know what algorithms she runs to find these, or how she finds time to keep track of all of the different tack shops and the great deals they occasionally offer, but I’m definitely not complaining. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: Farm Websites

Today’s post is going short and sweet. I’m working on a big (to me) project, and I’d like to utilize the fabulous resource I have in all of you as fellow boarders, lesson takers, etc. When you’re looking for a new farm to board at, a trainer to take lessons with/send your horse to for training, or just somewhere to look at a couple of sale horses, Continue reading

Fourth of July Window Shopping

Since J and I are moving to a bigger place at the end of the month, and Lily’s vet bills seem to be endless, the budget for shopping is basically non-existent. There’s been a lot of window shopping, and putting things in my cart only to close my browser. I did order the most boring package from Riding Warehouse a few weeks ago, which included a cookie refill, fly spray, vet wrap, and ice cells. And that’s been about it for horsey packages in the last couple of months.  Continue reading

Review: Equestri Lifestyle

I was blown away by how much feedback you guys gave me on Friday’s post, so in light of that, I’m going for complete honesty here. I’m going to do my best to provide facts, though since this is a review it will include my personal opinion as well, which you can take or leave as you will. Continue reading