Review: SmartPak Double Stitched Halter

I know, I know, you guys are still waiting for day two of the clinic, and I promise it’s coming. But I want to make sure I get it right, and I’m putting a little more time than usual into that post. In the mean time, I wanted to review the halter I bought Val as a celebration when I bought him, and a way of marking that he’s actually mine. Continue reading

Tall Boot Conundrum

When the zipper on my tall boots busted and had to be replaced (which was does beautifully with tough YKK zippers I might add! Shout out to Fort Bend Saddlery for getting that done in a single weekend.), I had a realization. I was stuck riding in my old Ariats for the weekend, which were honestly awful after the last two years in the buttery soft leather of my Tattinis, Continue reading

The Great Breeches Showdown

First off, this was supposed to be done yesterday, but I had too much fun this weekend and couldn’t get myself to sit down and write all of this plus edit the photos. Blogger fail. Anyways…I currently own 5 pairs of breeches , all bought in the last 12 months or so (technically I have a 6th pair of TS breeches bought years ago, but those will not be included in this showdown as they’re mostly my backups in case I get my breeches dirty at a show). I’m going to give my thoughts on each pair, and I’ve included pictures of myself in all of the breeches, rather than models (I may regret this later…). Continue reading

SmartPak Favorite Products Blog Hop

So it rained all weekend, and we’ve been dealing with a booboo on Val’s hind leg that isn’t making him lame, but does have some heat and swelling, which means it’s been very boring and short hacks and nothing exciting to talk about. Therefore…it’s a perfect time for a blog hop!
Thanks Breeches and Boat Shoes and SmartPak for this fun and quick blog hop.

Continue reading