Review: Spooks Show Jacket

I know you guys have asked for a review of my Spooks jacket  a few times, and finally I’m getting around to it (thanks to moving this past weekend and having zero content about my horse as a result). This was another item, much like the Cavalleria Toscana jacket I reviewed a while ago, that was an Amanda fueled impulse buy. I don’t know what algorithms she runs to find these, or how she finds time to keep track of all of the different tack shops and the great deals they occasionally offer, but I’m definitely not complaining. Continue reading

Somebody Stop Me

I haven’t been able to ride since Wednesday, and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to ride tomorrow. We have a grass ring that dries faster than the sand arena, but it doesn’t have lights, so by the time I get to the barn after work, I’m still unable to ride.

So naturally, I just bought more stuff to ride in. When it’s finally dry again, which may be never. To my credit I only (so far) bought three items for myself this weekend. Continue reading