Big Reveal

Remember how several months ago I mentioned that my momma’s farm was getting a website, and then a few months later asked for your input about what should go on a farm website? Well. All of that has finally culminated in a final product! Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Conformation Shots

Man, Bethany makes some nice babies. I took conformation shots of the three babies for the Still Waters Farm’s facebook page and the (coming soon) website while visiting for my Mama, and I was a little blown away by how gorgeous these three are. Continue reading

Red Mares

I am finally mostly recovered from Vacation mode and back in the swing of things at work. I landed in Austin Monday night, and I finally got to see my horse yesterday who was not bad, but also not that great. But I’m not worried. We had a “bad” day, but it was the kind of ride that once upon a time was called a good day, so I’m rolling with it. Despite being happy to see my horse and my dog and my boyfriend, I’m already missing the beautiful Virginia hills Continue reading

Weekend With Mama

A couple of weeks ago, I flew my mama in for the weekend to explore Austin and play with my pony. She’s met Val a couple of times, but the last time she saw me ride him was our second show in the jumpers years ago, and I was so excited to show her how far he’s come since then. I was also excited to stuff her with all of the awesome food Austin has to offer, Continue reading