Throwback Thursday: Lancelot

You all have seen a few photos of my grey man here and there, but he’s been on my mind a lot more lately. He wasn’t my heart horse, and sometimes I wished I had an easier horse. But I owe so much of my success and my current ability to Lancelot, and I thought you guys should get to know him a little, so that you too could see how lucky I was to have this horse come into my life. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: HITS Ocala

The day after I got dropped off at college, my mom and brother started the drive to Florida to meet my dad, who had taken a new job and moved October of my senior year in high school. They have since moved up to Virginia (obviously) but while they were in Florida, I had the amazing opportunity to show one of my mom’s client’s horses at HITS Ocala. This is not a horse I was super familiar with, Continue reading

For Love of the Horse

My horsey “origin story” as it were, is not all that exciting. My mother has been a trainer since she was a teenager, so it was inevitable that I would ride and have them in my life. Around the time I was nine or so I thought that maybe I didn’t want to ride, and I bounced around a bit. I tried figure skating for a month, and I actually did martial arts for a couple of years, and got pretty far. But by the time I was 11, Continue reading