I Love My Pony: A Lesson Recap

Remember how I mentioned it’s been hard to get any real consistency going lately? Well. Case in point: when I checked my planner to figure out how many lessons I’ve had in the last couple of months, I realized I have had 0. My last lesson was October 2nd. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, I promise. But every time I tried to do a lesson Continue reading

Slow Progress is Still Progress

It’s been quite a while at this point since we had our dressage lesson. At first, it seemed like we were making so much progress so fast. But now progress is a little slower. Sometimes Val comes out stiff and tight or worried about softening and I have to be happy with much smaller successes. Continue reading

Always Learning

In general, I consider myself a pretty good rider. I’ve done a lot of catch riding, and I’ve clocked a lot of hours as a working student and exercise rider at a few big show barns, and as a junior I actually did get paid to train a lot of different green and problem horses/ponies for miscellaneous clients. Continue reading

Acknowledging the Good

In case you hadn’t noticed, we currently have a spooking and setting back problem. I can’t trust my horse to be cross-tied or tied to anything right now, because he keeps spooking and stepping back and then as soon as he feels pressure he runs backward until he pulls the clip off of the cross-tie or undoes the knot where it’s attached to the wall. You can’t unclip him after he’s started to spook because Continue reading