Guest Post: Bodybuilding for the Equestrian

I’m sure most of you have weight loss or exercise of some kind on your goals for this year, but perhaps you’ve found it hard to work out without a plan or guidance if you aren’t working with a trainer. While some people–myself included–prefer resistance training using body weight exercises (push ups, crunches, planks, etc.), some of you may feel like that type of training just isn’t for you, and don’t know where to start with all of the equipment Continue reading

Weekend With Mama

A couple of weeks ago, I flew my mama in for the weekend to explore Austin and play with my pony. She’s met Val a couple of times, but the last time she saw me ride him was our second show in the jumpers years ago, and I was so excited to show her how far he’s come since then. I was also excited to stuff her with all of the awesome food Austin has to offer, Continue reading

Baby Steps

In case you all haven’t picked up on it, nobody in central Texas has gotten much riding in lately unless they have an indoor. For Val, this used to mean that the first 3 to 4 rides back were awful, and got progressively worse until about ride 4. Really, anything more than 3 days off resulted in this problem. Ride 1 was so-so, ride 2 was a little out of hand, and ride 3 was acting as a human lunge line at best Continue reading