Not My Type

Yesterday, Emma mentioned in her blog post that her mare isn’t really her type of ride, but is instead the horse that fell into her lap. I can definitely relate. My preferred discipline is Hunters and Equitation, and yet here I am doing the Jumpers on my little speed bike of a horse. Continue reading

2015 Year in Review

Since I didn’t start blogging until June, I don’t have a list of goals to review, but I’m going to review my year anyway. As you’re reading this, I am en-route to the family farm in Virginia, and I’ll probably not post until I’m back on the 30th. Continue reading

TRM Blog Hop: 25 Questions

First a quick note, I did not do any no-stirrups work over the weekend (I don’t even have a good excuse. I just forgot.), and I haven’t been able to ride since because of all the rain, but I have been keeping up with my workouts. So yay me!

I’ve got a list put together of blog posts I want to put together, but in the mean time this sounded fun, especially since I’m still semi-new to blogland Continue reading

The Need for Flatwork

I’m sure everyone who rides is aware on some level of the need for flatwork. But I think hunters and jumpers are often guilty of hacking around to exercise their horses legs, rather than actually building muscles and good habits and exercising their horse’s brain during flat rides. I’m certainly not pointing any fingers, because I’ve been guilty of this quite often; I find myself doing this most often on reasonably quiet and well broke horses. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Sallie B. Wheeler Championship Show

The judging was a little strange, and honestly I didn’t like much about the colt that won best young horse, but Stellar was still very good and ended up 7th overall. Considering my Mama did all of the showing without having a name or connections or any prior experience with breeder shows, I think that’s pretty respectable (She’s been in the Hunter Jumper world forever and worked with babies, but never done them in hand in these types of classes). Continue reading