Slow Progress is Still Progress

It’s been quite a while at this point since we had our dressage lesson. At first, it seemed like we were making so much progress so fast. But now progress is a little slower. Sometimes Val comes out stiff and tight or worried about softening and I have to be happy with much smaller successes. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Cloud 9

After an amazing weekend with Val, I am going to be on Cloud 9 for the rest of forever. Or at least for the rest of the week. If you follow me on Instagram or you’ve liked the blog’s Facebook page, you probably already know what I’m talking about, but too bad, you get to hear about it again because my horse is amazing and I’m going to tell anyone who will listen how incredible he is. I don’t know why it still surprises me when my horse gives me more, more, more. Continue reading


After a month with no lessons, I’ve had a weekend lesson two weeks in a row, and I have another lesson tonight! I do like schooling on my own, but a little consistency with lessons is good. I also got my new tall boots in last week, and after wearing them around the apartment for two days, they went to the barn so I could hack in them and start getting them to break in more. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: A Birthday, A Derby School, and A Lot of Rain

In case you haven’t realized, it’s pouring in Texas. Again.

Knowing it was going to rain all week, our trainer moved lessons to Saturday instead of Sunday, and despite the light rain, we all lessoned anyway over the derby jumps since there is supposed to be a Derby held at a local show Continue reading

Sometimes Things Just Work

This would not be the first time you’ve heard me say that my horse jumped great after a lot of good flatting. But more than ever since moving up, things really just worked in our jump school Sunday. We of course had a whole week of asking him to use his top-line more and come from behind, which sure helped. Continue reading